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Our international promoters: Audrey and Dan of Uncornered Market

To find, meet and get to know Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll, as we invited them to enjoy our e-bike guided itineraries, was an immense professional pleasure. They are the husband-and-wife team behind Uncornered Market. The goal behind this name is to support a movement of travelers, businesses, and destinations at the intersection of sustainability, travel, adventure, and caring for our planet and its people. They do it through tourism development, marketing advisory, training, stories, advocacy, and speaking. They are still helping us to develop sustainable and community-driven tourism products and the Tiber River as a green destination in Latium, a region still unspoiled by tourism and “wide open” (that’s the meaning of the name) to travelers’ discovery. Through their award-winning blog, they can help everybody to go through the world with curiosity and respect.

Our promotional tours along the Ancient river of Rome with our international promoters:

Our Artist: Giulia Scala

Something was missing in the project to create that mythical atmosphere that makes experiences unique. The ancient goddesses were there, chosen between the oldest in the territories, each with specific characteristics to represent each land we explored and promote along the Tiber River, but somehow they were not coming alive. We needed an artist, art as a source of inspiration and creativity to make the imagination fly between travel, adventures, caring for our planet. Giulia Scala is an actress, a scenographer, a painter, a creative and a humble sweet soul. Her dolls, bookmarks, and fairy beings reemerged from Giorgia‘s memory to point us to a magical solution for our project. -Giulia is being commissioned to realize a doll for each territory depicting the goodness we dedicated to Leucotea, the white goddess (Tiber River mouth); Egeria, the source nymph (the eternal city of Rome); Bona Dea, the mighty unpronounceable around us (the Natural Reserve of Nazzano Tevere Farfa); and Pomona, the goddess of abundance and fertility, wife of Vertumno, obscure mysterious deity, tight to change and seasons (the territories at the border of the Region, on the slopes of Vulsini Volcanic Complex towards the Tiber River, are dedicated to her). Recycling all kinds of materials Giulia is also one of our heroes of sustainability.

The making of Leucotea doll by Giulia Scala

Our Sustainable winery: Trebotti

To enter the propriety of Trebotti winery is somehow already a magical experience. It’s like falling into the rabbit hole of Alice’s wonderland. All the passion for the land, its fruit, its resource, and all the most amazing ideas to preserve them can be found here: caring for our planet. Trebotti is managed by three brothers from a family originally from Conegliano, one of the best winery schools in the world. They decide to settle down here to make vulcanic sustainable wines. It’s impossible to resist the tastes of their creations, the beauty of their land, and the fight to save the environment of their projects: heroes of sustainability.

Leucotea Hostess: Valeria

The profession of a private guide is somehow vintage and being our job the one of giving voice to art and past centuries, it was easy to fall in love with this Hotel. The taste and the care of it in each detail make it special: it would it be a simple hotel made in the 60’s, but it’s not. La Sirenetta kept its retro style. Walking through the door, we felt like entering in a place where time stopped, dense with stories told even by the simplest object. It’s magic thanks to its terraces on the seaside, its gorgeus sunsets, its cosy atmosphere, its jazz music, its old books and its objects from the past, like the beautiful 40s posters collections. Then, we met Valeria, the owner and hotel manager, a poetic passionate soul, and we understood why. Thanks to her social and artistical involvement it’s the fairy and reference point for us in this territory for travellers and caring for our planet.

Bona Dea Hostess: Aurora

The old warehouse of a mill in the Tiber River is today the official rest stop and hostel of the Natural Reserve. An intimate part of the history of the territory, it is simply arranged for sportspeople, surrounded by animals, and loved by locals and Rome residents for an honest tasty menu on weekends. The name of the place is Ecoturismo Tevere Farfa, from the name of the artificial lake, named after the above hamlet, and the two rivers that here meet creating a valuable ecosystem. Since 1955 there is a dam that produces electricity and created an artificial basin. At the heart of Ecoturismo is the young charming lady, Aurora Moretti that can tell all local stories and keeps its secrets, a reference point for travelers and adventurers crossing these territories.

Pomona Hostess: Maddalena

Villa Lais is not only a residence of Charm, it’s an art project that aims to consolidate the art vocation of the whole area dedicated to Pomona. Maddalena Mauri is an art dealer that, looking for an atelier for artists’ residences, fell in love with this productive villa of the 18th century. We are speaking about an agricultural farm with a train station for the workers, the workers’ quarters, the noble mansion, and the land around it. The train station became a public one and much of the land is no part of the property anymore. Today, Maddalena is restoring slowly and patiently the whole complex, but she is already a reference point for artist residences. It’s a charming unmissable place for anyone who loves these territories, fertile also for creativity, helping to combine sustainability, travel, adventure and caring for our planet.

Our Sommeliers: Adriano, Martina, Riccardo and Silvia

In the eternal city the Winehouse of the Province, Terre e Domus has in the last years attracted our attention for the quality of the products proposed (all local very local!!!), the creativity matched wonderfully with the Roman traditional dishes, the social side with projects for the professional reintegration of ex-convicts (more than 200 at the moment) and especially the professionality of the staff working there. Thanks to the amazing work of the stable team of Martina, Riccardo, and Silvia, we were able to discover new wines and labels from our territory matching our meals and expanded our knowledge of the lands surrounding Rome and its workers’ stories. They are our heroes of sustainability for wine and food tasting in Rome.