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Leucotea lands

Along the Mediterranean coast of Rome, history meets the sea

Egeria lands

The water voice of Rome: Nature meets Urban

Bona Dea lands

Meet Mother Nature amidst cliff-side towns along the Tiber River Reserve

Pomona lands

The lushness of towns and villas on a volcano slope in the shadow of Rome

It’s a project financed by the Region Lazio, promoting sustainable guided tours around Rome and the surroundings, along the ancient Tiber River and its valleys. In Italian, its name is Tevere, and a long time ago Thybris. The project promotes a series of historical-cultural guided itineraries by foot, by bicycle or e-bike, and by train, designed and managed by professional tour guides. The project involving the three aspects of Ecotourism: economy, ethics, and environment wants to help the beautiful mythical river regenerate. Water is one of the treasures we have and we want to involve international travelers to grow the highest respect for the Tiber River and its fairy world. You won’t find here any GPX to download because our expertise is to design and personalize guided tours depending on the request in a vast territory that offers experiences for all tastes and ages. Our itineraries have first to be your mental travel across these mythical lands starting from Rome coast on the Mediterranean and arriving at the European biggest vulcanic lake cliffs. We selected in these territories following the Tiber River four lands, each one dedicated to an ancient goddess which aspects reflects the peculiarities of her area: Leucotea, the white goddess (the mouth territories); Egeria, the nymph (the territories going and inside the old city of Rome); Bona Dea, the unpronounceable mighty (the Natural Reserve of Nazzano Tevere Farfa in the province of Rome); Pomona, the goddess of the fruit, lady of Vertumnus, the god of changes and seasons (on the cliffs of biggest European Volcano lake). To discover more about the lands you can click on one of the pictures above, more about the goddesses on their names.

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Sustainable Guided Tours around Rome


Sustainable Guided Tours around Rome

Ponzano Romano

Sustainable Guided Tours around Rome

Tiber River from Torrita Tiberina

Sustainable guided tours around Rome and the surroundings

During the two years of the pandemic, the T.R.E. project was born, to promote the territory of Rome and the surroundings besides the ordinary routes, pursuing collaborations between the most capable, socially responsible, and engaging tourist guides, as well as with artisan activities, local artistic and commercial: designing sustainable guided tours around Rome and the surroundings

Following a regional tender for the promotion of the territory and in support of tourist guides, have been drawn and written itineraries to be carried out in one or three days along the Tiber River Valley, which can be combined up to a fifteen-day holiday. These paths are already a reality and we can combine for them for you depending on your interests, time, condition, will, and passions.

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Sustainable Guided Tours around Rome


Sustainable Guided Tours around Rome

Along the Tiber River under Filacciano

Sustainable Guided Tours around Rome

Ostia Antica Archeological Area

The knowledge of the territory has allowed the author to safely trace different itineraries with Rome as reference points that can be easily traveled by individuals, especially couples, and families for eco-sustainable holidays, without particular athletic training, to discover the nature, history, and culture of the places. These sustainable guided tours around Rome and the surroundings are trekking, e-bike and train routes to discover the Tiber valley, its history, heritage, and its beauties, in synergy with institutions, artistic and artisan activities, volunteers, and associations that deal with and are fighting for better infrastructures, greater usability, and safety of the territory for travelers and residents.

The project aims to bring sustainable and responsible tourism along the Tiber valley, from the mouth to the regional border, through Rome, a fundamental airline and railway hub, and cultural magnet.
In particular, the project focuses on e-bikes because it’s more accessible to anyone: the itineraries are aimed at users interested above all in historical and artistic identity, as well as social, of the territories involved and enjoying sustainable guided tours around Rome and the surroundings.

The program in detail includes visits to archaeological areas, galleries and art collections, gardens and historic buildings, tastings, eco-boat tours, and trekking to observe nature with adequate respect and calm, i.e. they concern all aspects of the eco-tourism and the three Es: economy, ethics, and environment so that our guided tours around Rome and the surroundings are sustainable.

For this reason, the possible itineraries have been designed as day trips with low daily mileage and guided by regularly authorized tour guides, registered in the Regional list, and specially trained: you can find their profile and contacts here. The original project, winner of fourth place in the Regional call for proposals, plans and manages the inspections, the website, the International promotion, the blog tour, and the guides training. It has a duration of twelve weeks from 12 September to 2 December 2022. Afterward, we will be operative with our partners to offer you your Thybris River Experience and its treasures, away from mass tourism, surrounded by the beauty of Italy, and in places still authentic.

This website is a work in progress come to visit it in the next few days to discover more about sustainable guided tours around Rome and the surroundings. If you like to enjoy soon a Thybris River Experience or you would like to promote it you can leave your e-mail address below.

Would you like to enjoy a guided tour with us? Would you like to promote our tours for us? Contact us!
Sustainable guided tours around Rome
The location of our guided itineraries by e-bike or trekking experiences in Italy – Thybris River Experience