The inspecting green tour guides

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Angela Processione, in addition to being a professional story-teller, is a point of reference of the bike tourism of the capital, she stands out for the experience gained in the world of international cycle tourism and sustainability (she is the founder of bookcycle) not only environmental.


Giorgia Cadinu is the creator of the Thybris River Experience project. Coming from historical and cultural literary field she landed in the world of tourism a decade ago. With continuous study and dedication, she has specialized in tailor-made private tours. She believes that we must invest in an eco-sustainable present for everyone, and immediately, for a prosperous and happy near future.


Pierangela De Martin has a deep experience in the world of tourism, agencies, in particular in open-air tourism. Her professional and concrete skills make her irreplaceable. Her project of unmarked paths has already promoted the territories with wonderful walks.

The trained green tour guides

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Julia Haussener

Born in Switzerland, Julia is an official tour guide in Rome. She loves to show the beauty of the eternal city and the overall Latium Region especially to the youngest. Originally an art restorer, later she specialised in oriental art and culture at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. She firmly promotes and strongly believes in a more sustainable tourism.

Mariagiovanna Noè

Mariagiovanna Noè, tour guide in Rome, is an international soul, born in Sicily lived also in India. Her charm and knowledge make experiences with her unique.

Rossella Ottaviani

Rossella has a 2 decades experience in promoting urban cycling and bycicle as a sustainable way for living and travelling, riding her bike for thousands miles across european countries. She is also a skilled nature guide and herbalist.

Lands along the Tiber River Valley our sustainable exclusive guides will bring you to:

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Leucotea lands

Along the Mediterranean coast of Rome, history meets the sea

Egeria lands

The water voice of Rome: Nature meets Urban

Bona Dea lands

Meet Mother Nature amidst cliff-side towns along the Tiber River Reserve

Pomona lands

The lushness of towns and villas on a volcano slope in the shadow of Rome