Map to locate our itineraries dedicated to Pomona, the fruits goddess

These territories are around 100 km (62 miles) distant from Rome’s city center. They are characterized by charming old towns which, due to their characteristics, history, and traditions, we can group under the name of Teverina district and they are paradise to our Italian e-bike guided tours. These lands have a Volcano soil giving an inestimable wealth to agriculture, especially vineyards and olive groves. We are at the border of the Region Latium, north of the eternal city, among the Tiber River and the biggest volcanic lake in Europe. For the fertility of the soil, the e-bike guided tours that will be led on it are dedicated to the archaic goddess of Pomona, the lady of the fruits, wife of Vertumno, a mysterious pre-Jupiter, god of changes, transformations, and seasons. Do not miss the article about her and click on her name.

The goddess Pomona by Giulia Scala –  – Study and realization of a divine dimension for our guided tours on the cliff of the biggest Volcano lake of Europe towards the Tiber River

Italian e-bike guided tours across Pomona lands

On the first day of inspections our guides, on Pomona’s territory for our Italian e-bike guided tours, had the following targets:

Montecalvello, the fortified hamlet, still in its original Renaissance state, that was the residence of the painter Balthus outside Rome while he was director of the French Academy

-Inspecting some of the dirt paths on the territory do ride with MTB or trekking

Sant’Angelo, the fairy tales village with wall paintings from different street artists concentrating on the theme of fairy tales from all over the world

Roccalvecce, the fortified town with a visit to the Castle, a hotel de Charme and still lived residence, guided by Giovangiorgio Costaguti

Celleno, the ghost town, the romantic ruins of a town exploded for security reasons and today thanks to the local Proloco (Tourist office) transformed into an open-air museum, highlight of our Italian e-bike guided tours

Lubriano, the city-terrace looking over the canyons with a tasting of local recipes at the Old Mill

The second day of inspection to perfect our Italian e-bike guided tours was so organized to have the following targets:

Graffignano and its public castle with the beautiful exposition concerning the archeological areas around and the use of amphoras in Roman times along the Tiber River.

Madonna di Castellonchio between legend and beauty, a nice park with a water source that the local population is proud of. Here it was found evidence of one of the oldest Etruscan settlements of the region dating back to the Iron Age

Civitella D’Agliano, a charming medieval fortified village with a tower to admire the surrounding landscape and typical canyons that opened for us, and our promotion of Italian e-bike guided tours, thanks to the local Proloco (Tourist office)

The Mill of trades: a special collection of old trade bicycles hosted in an old olive oil mill, presented by its owners, Alessia and Daniele Agulli with passion.

Trebotti Winery, sustainable wine producers. Ludovico Botti guided us through his land to the discovery of their green projects, to a tuff Etruscan cave where it’s produced spumante (classic method), the ancient vineyards, and the precious donkey Jane. A tasting of their wines and products overlooking the Tiber River completes the visit delightfully.

The last day dedicated to the inspections of Pomona lands the inspecting guides had these targets:

-The Monsters Park of Bomarzo, a Renaissance garden with sculpted gigantic fairy beings

-The fortified village of Bomarzo with its alleys and charming Medieval corners

Archeological Area of Ferento with Roman Theater, road, shops, thermal baths and house

Villa Lais at Sipicciano, an 18th-century productive villa where Maddalena Mauri, an art gallerist and owner of the propriety transformed it into a reference point for art residences and creativity.

-The romantic hamlet of Sipicciano with the Baronial palace, the charming alleys, and view of the valley, and the chapel Baglioni.

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