Map that locates the guided itineraries dedicated to the Nymph Egeria

These e-bike guided itineraries start following the Tiber River from Ostia, the seaside quarter of Rome to the very heart of the city (to ride in the opposite direction is also possible). This reevaluates the relationship of the eternal city with the Mediterranean and the Tiber River, its social and workers’ history, and celebrating waters. The ancient Romans could control the river, i.e. a water street that connected Greeks, Sabins, Etruscans, Latins, and other cultures. It’s a story of industry, trades and religion that became, thanks to foreign influences, a sophisticated society. These Italian e-bike guided tours are dedicated to Egeria, the water-nymph that the second king Numa Pompilius fell in love with and that advised him how to religiously rule Rome. To learn more about her and her places in Rome click on her name above!

The goddess or water nymph Egeria by Giulia Scala –  – Study and realization of a divine dimension for our guided tours in Rome along the Tiber River

Inspecting these Italian guided tours

In this video our guides‘ inspections, leading the Italian e-bike guided tours, have as target:

– The Pasolini bike path that connects Ostia Antica district to the quarter of Centro Giano through Dragona and Dragoncello quarters, a path born and kept thanks to local volunteers

-To inspect the relationship between men and water, the beautiful landscapes, the peculiar architectures, the old abusive buildings, the cultivated fields, the active farms, and the areas taken care of by the volunteers to have open public spaces to share and to enjoy during our e-bike guided tours along the river.

-To test with e-bikes the train connection between Centro Giano district and Tor di Valle one to make the e-bike guided tours smooth and easy

-The Regina Cyclarum, another cycling path born from the activism of the population and then supported partially by the Municipality of Rome.

-To verify the garbage deposits and decay of some corners of the eternal city

– To enter the heart of the eternal city like a pilgrim of our modern days to give some special sacral aura to our e-bike guided tours!

The second day our inspecting guides had as target:

-To inspect the path going through the royal and then the imperial gate leading south with a special visit to the Museum of the Imperial Walls

Ancient Appian Way with its museum seat and monuments: tombs, towers, temples, and ruins of pyramids

-The amazing Villa of Quintili brothers, a Villa that was once also of the emperor Comodo, the one that inspired the character depicted in Gladiator movie.

-The Park of Aqueducts where the rest of the six aqueducts of ancient Roman times are still standing.

-Tasting the specialties of the Ristoro Casale del Fiscale, a farm close to a tower to control and collect taxes inside the Aqueducts’ park.

-The source of Egeria, the holy water of Rome since 1948 but with older legendary origins.

-The Caffarella park with a Nymphaeum, the Farm Vaccareccia, among other treasures to discover during our Italian e-bike guided tours.

This is the last video dedicated to Egeria, the nymph, and also the third day of the inspection led by our “inspecting guides”. The targets were:

Porta Portese, the most famous marketplace of Rome, finds interesting stuff for any taste, passion, or profession.

-The hill made of ancient bricks of Testaccio, testimony of all the traffic and the uncountable amphoras that crossed the Mediterranean in ancient Roman Times

-The old slaughterhouse has at heart contemporary art: a room has even the reputation worldwide of being the Sistine Chapel of stickers.

-The gasometer, outriggers and old port structures on the Tiber River.

-Memories about the resistance against Nazists that the working class in this quarter fiercely led.

-The market of Circus Maximus, where once there was the Hebrew fish market, a reference point to find peculiar high-quality products of our territory like the goat cheese of the Velabro valley (just behind the market), produced with an original ancient Roman recipe or the legionary bread, made with old flours.

-The Museum Centrale Montemartini harmonizing ancient old statues with industrial archeology is the perfect end-target for this type of exclusive e-bike guided tour.

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